lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2008

"to grow up"

when she asked what would I be with another person as a couple for, I said: "to group up".

When I said so I was not talking about how tall I was, cause I know that fact it's done.
Instead, I was talking aobut growing up on feelings, growin up on emphaty, on experiences, on spirit, on heart.
On that sense, growing up means a lot of things, things to be done togheter helpped by companionship.

After a little while, she said: "I've already grown up", and I realized that she hadn't understood what I meant, so my answer might have sound stupid.
Actually, thinking a little more about it, I´m sure that was the case.

2 comentarios:

Eo dijo...

i still need to grow up a little more.

me hiciste reir con eso de que "ser más alto, bueno eso ya esta hecho"

Levan dijo...

No siempre se entiende el contexto de lo que se esta diciendo,y si, hablando de estaturas a los 21 se deja de crecer .